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Our warm spaces finder tool currently searches through 9936 warm spaces from 95 of the directories listed below. If you know of a directory that we haven't included here, please let us know. Read more about this project...

As of .

Warm Welcome34893489MapAdd a warm place
Warm spaces18161816MapAdd a warm place
Aberdeen City Council4040MapAdd a warm place
Aberdeenshire Council3618Map
Adur and Worthing Council2020Map
Angus Council?MaplocationCentre is not queryable
Ards and North Down Council?Add a warm placeProvided as a PDF
Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface?
Armagh City, Bandridge and Craigavon Council?Not enough location information
Banbury Town Council4646
Barnet Council77MapAdd a warm place
Barnsley Council?Refers people to Warm Welcome UK
Barrow Council?Only available as a PDF
Basildon Council?Not enough structure to parse
Bassetlaw CVS4141Map
Bath and North East Somerset Council?MapAdd a warm place
Bedford Council99
Belfast Council?Now just mentions leisure centres, libraries and links to Warm Welcome UK
Bexley Council99Add a warm placeRemoved.
Birmingham Council249249Add a warm place
Bolton at Home2623
Boston Borough Council?Not enough information to parse
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole?Add a warm placeNot enough structure to parse
Bracknell Forest Council?Locations for libraries on separate pages
Bradford Council183183Map
Bradford on Avon Council?Not enough structure to parse
Braintree Council?Map
Breckland Council?As of autumn 2023 it links to Warm Welcome UK
Brent?Refers people to Warm Welcome
Bridgend Council122107
Brighton & Hove Council5353Map
Bristol Council4949Map
Broadland and South Norfolk Council4949Map
Bromley Well4949Map
Buckinghamshire Council2626MapAdd a warm place
Burnley Council2020Map
Bury Directory2726
Calderdale Council2828
Cambridge Council?As of November 2023 it links to Warm Welcome UK
Cambridgeshire ACRE3131
Camden Council?MapAdd a warm place
Cannock Chase Council?Warm spaces provided in a PDF so not enough structure to parse
Carefree Cornwall7165Map
Causeway Coast and Glens Council4343MapAdd a warm place
Central Bedfordshire Council6258
Ceredigion Council4646Map
Charnwood Council?Now refers people to Warm Welcome UK
Chelmsford Connects4534
Cheltenham Council?Not enough structure to parse
Cherwell Council?Links to a PDF and Warm Welcome UK
Cheshire East Council?Now provided as a password-protected Sharepoint link Inactive as of 2023-11-29
Cheshire West and Chester Council?Refers people to Warm Welcome
Chesterfield Council2626Map
Chichester Deanery?Not enough location information
Chorley Council?
City of London?As of winter 2023 it just mentions libraries
Colchester Council3030Map
Communities 1st3028
Community Action Derby5151
Coventry Council5050Map
Croydon Council?MapHas been removed Inactive as of 2023-11-30
Croydon Simply Connect2929Add a warm place
Cumbria Council?MapAdd a warm place Inactive as of 2023-04-01
Cyngor Gwynedd6464MapAdd a warm place
Derbyshire Council?In 2022/3 it was too unstructured to parse
Derbyshire Dales Council?Too unstructured to parse
Devizes Council? Inactive as of 2023-04-04
Dover Council?MapTheir map no longer exists
Durham County Council9493MapAdd a warm place
Ealing Council4040Map
East Ayrshire Council4444Map
East Lindsey Council2323Map
East Staffordshire Council?In 2022/3 there was not enough address information for half the entries
Eastleigh Council1616
Edinburgh Council7676Map
Enfield Council?Refers people to Warm Welcome
Enfield Food Alliance1919Map
Essex Map?Map
Exeter Council?Not enough location information
Fife Council124120Map
Frome Council1010
Fylde Council?Add a warm placeNot enough location information and structure to parse
Gateshead Council9188Map
Gedling Council3735
Glasgow Council2323Map
Gloucester Council?Add a warm placeNo longer exists as of October 2023
Greenwich Council1515Map
Hackney Council?No longer exists as of October 2023
Haringey Council?No longer exists as of October 2023
Harlow Council?Not enough information to parse
Harrogate NetMakers1515Map
Havant Council?Not enough structure to parse
Havering Council2217
Herefordshire Council4444Map
Hertfordshire Council8568MapAdd a warm place
High Peak Council2722
Hinckley and Bosworth Council3231Add a warm place
Horsham District?Website no longer exists Inactive as of 2023-11-23
Hounslow Council? Inactive as of 2023-03-31
Hull Council3535Map
Huntingdonshire Council3535Map
Ipswich Council?No longer exists as of October 2023
Isle of Wight Council5047Add a warm place
Islington Council?
Kensington and Chelsea?MapThe map is no longer accessible Inactive as of 2023-11-23
Kingston Council?MapAdd a warm placeTheir Google map has had access limited. Inactive as of 2023-11-10
Kirklees Council2424Mentions libraries and refers to Warm Welcome UK. No opening times given by the Kirklees website; they outsource those to Google.
Lambeth Council?MapAdd a warm place Inactive as of 2023-04-04
Lancashire Council166166MapAdd a warm place
Lancaster Council2827Map
Leeds City Council190190MapAdd a warm place
Leicester Council?Refers to Warm Welcome
Lewes and Eastbourne Council3636Add a warm place
Lewisham Local?Map
Lichfield Council1919Map
Looe Town Council?Only available as a JPG
Luton Council22Has been removed and is due to update 'in the Autumn'.
Malvern Hills Council?Refers people to Warm Welcome and libraries
Manchester Council?Links to libraries
Mansfield Council?Not enough structure to parse
Merton Council?A list of libraries
Mid and East Antrim Council109Some spaces are without addresses
Midlothian Council?Too unstructured to parse
Middlesbrough Council2323MapAdd a warm place
Neath Port Talbot Council4949Add a warm place
Newcastle under Lyme Council? Inactive as of 2023-04-04
Newham Council77MapHas been removed as of October 2023
Norfolk Community Foundation167163Map
North Devon Council?Has been removed as of October 2023
North East Derbyshire?A bit too difficult to automatically parse
North Herts Council?Add a warm placeRemoved as of October 2023
North Northamptonshire Council?Removed as of October 2023
North Somerset Council?MapStatic image map is not parseable
Northumberland County Council?MapAdd a warm place
Oxford Council4444MapAdd a warm place
Perth and Kinross Council?MapAdd a warm place
Peterborough Council?They have removed their winter support hubs and now have Cost of Living Support Hubs which may or may not be a warm space Inactive as of 2023-11-30
Plymouth Council5654MapAdd a warm place
Portsmouth Council?No longer exists (October 2023)
Powys Council?
Preston Council?PDF without enough location information
Reading Council?Not enough structure to be able to parse
Redcar and Cleveland Council?Map
Richmond upon Thames Council?Map
Rochdale Council1616Map
Rotherham Council?Refers people to Warm Welcome
Rugby Council?
Ryedale Council?A Google Doc that only covers November
Salisbury Council?The list is a PDF
Sandwell Council?Map
Scarborough Council?No longer exists. Scarborough is now part of North Yorkshire council. Inactive as of 2023-12-12
Sefton Council3433
Sefton CVS1919Map
Sevenoaks Council2222Add a warm place
Sheffield VAS183183Map
South Cambs Council2
South Tyneside Council5343Map
Spark Somerset103100MapAdd a warm place
Southwalk Council?Removed. Being updated in autumn 2023.
St Helens Council?Add a warm place
Stafford Borough Council?No longer provide a directory
Staffordshire Fire and Rescue?Has been removed Inactive as of 2023-11-30
Stevenage Council?Removed.
Stockport Council9999Map
Stockton-on-Tees Council?Add a warm place
Stroud CSCIC?
Suffolk - Rural Coffee Caravan5353Map
Sunderland Council?MapRemoved. Inactive as of 2023-11-10
Surrey County Council warm hubs140140Map
Sutton Council?Removed.
Swansea Council6463Map
Swindon Council4342
Tameside Council?
Tendring Council?Provided as a PDF
Tewkesbury Council?Add a warm placeNo location information is given so they can't be geocoded
Tonbridge and Malling Council? Inactive as of 2023-04-04
Torbay Council?Map Inactive as of 2023-04-04
Vale of Glamorgan Council2424Map
Wakefield Council?Wakefield Council website blocks automatic access of webpages
Wandsworth Council6262MapAdd a warm place
Warwickshire Rural Council127127MapNot enough details to include
West Berkshire Council2323MapAdd a warm place
West Devon Council99Map
West Dunbartonshire Council1614
West Northamptonshire8883MapAdd a warm place
Westminster Council2525Map
Wigan Council7474Map
Wiltshire Council4935MapAll the data is stored in a PowerBi visualisation and is inaccessible to this tool.
Wokingham Council?Add a warm placeRemoved.
Wolverhampton Council?Now split across three separate lists (libraries, community centres, and family hubs) all with different levels of information
Worcestershire Council?Lists libraries and links to Warm Welcome
Live Well York76

Those directories with a geocoded value in the list above can be searched with our warm spaces finder tool. You can also get a version of this table as a structured JSON file and all the parsed warm spaces as JSON too (including those not geocoded).